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Paige Spotify What was your first MF experience? I was in high school staying the weekend in Benton with friends and we went to a Saturday morning class. However, I’ve had many MF firsts through different phases of life. I always keep finding my way back What’s always in your fridge? Carrots, I have an […]

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Ava Spotify First thing you do in the morning? Hit snooze 3x and then walk my dog lol What’s always in your fridge? If you can put it on a charcuterie board it’s probably in there. Ice cream is almost always there too! What is your theme song? “I AM WOMAN” by Emmy Meli Ava’s

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Jordan What food can you not live without? Cheese pizza and chicken strips What is on your bucket list? Visit as many US national parks as possible What’s one thing people would never guess about you? I have a heart condition What is your theme song? Lose Yourself – Eminem What’s the best advice you’ve

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Jennifer Favorite Food Pizza! Childhood Dream Job Backup dancer Best Kept Secret I cuss like a sailor around my friends 🤭😬 Theme Song Girl by Maren Morris Best Advice To ask for help when it’s needed. It doesn’t make you weak. It makes you smart. Favorite MF Class To Instruct Sunday night Hot Yoga Jennifer’s

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Carol Most Memorable Moment Birth of my children…after the pain part Favorite Product Spark Pet Peeves Chewing with your mouth open, talking with food in your mouth 🤢 Next Vacation 50th birthday trip to the beach with 7 of my girls. Go To Splurge Lululemon Favorite MF Class To Instruct BARRE! Carol’s Upcoming Classes

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Lyndsy Favorite Food Pizza and the purple bag of Skittles Favorite Product Hair straightener Best Gift Received Accepting Jesus as my savior Item On Bucket List To vacation to the most beautiful and historical places in the United States. Pet Peeves Dirty floors and annoying people Favorite MF Class To Instruct Fat Blaster has my

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Bridgette Best Gift Received My 4 babies Pool Or Ocean Ocean First Thing In Morning Routine Kiss my husband Pet Peeves Empty toilet paper rolls Best Advice Let go and let God! Last Concert Attended N*Sync Bridgette’s Upcoming Classes

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Aaryn Favorite Food Chicken tenders. French fries. Pizza. Mexican. Best Advice You can’t change what’s done. Learn from it and grow from it. First Thing In Morning Routine Hit snooze. Hit snooze. Hit snooze. (Don’t judge me) Childhood Dream Job A movie star, a dancer, and for a short time a “cash register operator” (LOL)

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Holly Most Influential Person In Your Life My momma! Childhood Dream Job Hair stylist 💯 Favorite Food PIZZA!! Theme Song Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans on by Mel McDaniel First Thing In Morning Routine Drink my spark in silence before everyone gets up Favorite MF Class To Instruct Spin duh 🙌🏽 Holly’s Upcoming Classes

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Dani Favorite Food Cheese dip, it’s life Best Advice Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard Best Kept Secret I can juggle Favorite Product Moisturizer with sunscreen, I want to look young forever Go to Splurge Shoes Childhood Dream Job Astronaut Dani’s Upcoming Classes

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