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How To Encourage Your Significant Other To Work Out

We’re all guilty of looking at Instagram photos of couples who are killing it at the gym together. While those photos might be #relationshipgoals, it’s just not the reality for a lot of us.

All too often, your other half isn’t as psyched about working out as you are. The thing is, couples who exercise together stay together! The shared goal of improving your health and getting in better shape helps brings you closer together.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a committed relationship, you have a built-in workout buddy. If they’re not as motivated as you are, we have tons of tips to help you encourage your significant other to join in on the fun.

Benefits of Working Out With Your Honey

We meant it when we said that couples who exercise together stay together. Exercise has a ton of incredible benefits, including:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Assistance with weight control and weight loss
  • Stress relief
  • Better quality of life
  • So much more!

When you and your partner are exercising together, you get all of the benefits that come with exercise, plus some additional perks of having a workout buddy.


A workout partner increases your motivation! Have you ever stayed at home on gym day? We’ve all been there, but having a partner who keeps you on track and lifts you up when you’re down is an incredible source of motivation.

Plus, when you’re in the gym, your partner can cheer you on to finish that set you would’ve skipped had you been alone!


With motivation comes accountability. Your partner knows you best, so when you make an excuse like “I don’t feel well enough to do my work out today,” he’ll call you on your bluff!


Your significant other can also offer emotional support when you’re reaching your goals, and perhaps more importantly when you’re not. You’re bound to face ups and downs during your journey, and having someone walk that road with you can be a tremendous source of support.

Getting Fit Together

Finally, you and your partner will have the joy of getting fit together. It’s no fun to stand on the sidelines while your honey is shedding pounds and carving out abs! Working out together ensures you’ll both be toning up and looking awesome at the same pace.

How to Get Your Partner to Commit to Exercise

If your partner’s not too thrilled about going to the gym or hitting the pavement with you after work, consider giving it a little bit of time.

If you’re physically active, a study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine found that your partner is 5x more likely to become physically active, too.

However, if you’ve been working out for quite some time and your partner still isn’t interested in joining you, there are some steps you can take to move the needle.

1. Offer a compliment when your significant other exercises.

Compliments are incredibly motivating, so shower your partner with them when they complete a workout or something physical! 

A simple “Wow, your biceps look bigger” or “You look so sexy when you do squats” can go a long way.

2. Choose fun ways to get active together.

Some would rather watch paint dry than step foot on a treadmill! We all have our preferences, so consider some alternative, fun ways to get active with your partner.

A fun tennis match, a game of soccer in the backyard, or even a ballroom dancing lesson could be the key to getting active together.

3. Share your fitness successes.

Have you ever been inspired by someone else who lost weight or toned up? Your significant other might get motivated by seeing your gains or losses.

Share when you’ve hit a weight-loss or fitness goal, and they just might get inspired enough to join you!

4. When all else fails, keep asking.

Sometimes, the simple answer is the best answer. Be consistent about inviting your partner to work out with you. You might be surprised that after several days of “no thanks,” you might finally hear an “OK, fine.”

When your partner realizes all the benefits of working out together, including the better bond you’re creating, she’ll be eager to say yes again!

Our Top Tips for Couples Exercising Success

Once your significant other agrees to team up with you for gym time, you don’t want to mess it up! Here are some tips to make sure your workout plans go off without a hitch.

Tip #1: Don’t become the gym boss.

Your partner wants to enjoy this time with you, not spend the evening getting bossed around. While it can be tempting to take on the lead role and act as their personal trainer, back up a bit and simply be supportive when they need it.

They’ve taken a wonderful step by joining you – resist the urge to point out their bad form if you can!

Tip #2: Embrace two-person exercises.

You have a workout buddy – why not embrace it? There are some really fun couples exercises you can do together, including:

  • High-five pushups
  • Tricep kickbacks with a shared resistance band
  • Sit-up passes with a medicine ball
  • Wheelbarrow push-ups with squats
  • Reach-and-touch planks
  • Jump squat with claps

Working out together can be a lot of fun when you choose couples exercises!

Tip #3: Establish a workout schedule.

This adorable couples workout plan is only going to come to fruition if you establish a schedule. Most times, we don’t feel like going to the gym or working out, but when it’s on the schedule, we don’t take the time to contemplate whether or not we want to go!

Choose a workout plan that works for you and your significant other. Perhaps its MWF before work or maybe even a 30-minute evening jog in your neighborhood. If you plan to do strength training, map out a plan of the exercises you want to do before you get to the gym.

This will ensure you hold each other accountable while also giving you a chance to talk through a routine you both agree with.

Tip #4: Encourage some healthy competition.

A great way to make your workout fun is to turn it into a competition. This not only ramps up your fat-burning potential, but it’ll probably bring out some laughs and flirtiness that your relationship might be missing!

Plus, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned squat contest?

Group Exercise Classes For the Win

There you have it – working out with your partner brings on a ton of benefits that not only keep you in shape but also support your relationship.

If you’re still not so sure about working out with your significant other, consider a group exercise class. This minimizes the stress of choosing a workout routine, and there’s an instructor to lead both of you. 

Plus, if you’re afraid of becoming a personal trainer to your honey instead of a supportive workout partner, a group class can solve that problem!

Take advantage of the group class environment anytime, anywhere with your sweetie with McClure Fitness Online. Up for some friendly competition? Take the 7-Day Launch Challenge together!