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How To Kill A Workout And Never Leave Home

I would consider McClure Fitness in Benton my second home. What’s funny is a lot of the regulars at the gym would say the same thing! But can I tell you a little secret? Sometimes I just want to stay home.

Don’t get me wrong; I love seeing all of my MF’ers week in and week out. I love how it feels to get through an intense workout where I gave 110% with everyone else (except those few I caught taking breaks; you know who you are). I love the energy in our gym and how we help each other get stronger every day.

But seriously, there are those days. The kids have been crazy, or life is too hectic, or a million other excuses that we tell ourselves to get out of something we know we should be doing. On those days, I might not have enough motivation to go to the gym, but I am disciplined enough to get my workout in.

At-home workouts can be the secret to sticking with your fitness routine if you do it right. It is a very slippery slope because while the gym is built around fitness, your home is built for comfort, relaxation, and everything else that can talk you out of a workout. To pull this off, you need to get very clear on a few things.

Motivation Vs. Discipline

I wouldn’t say that I hear these two words used interchangeably, but people are generally confused about which one they need for success. To figure that out, you have to get a better understanding of motivation and discipline and how we use them in fitness.

Many people start with motivation and get fixated on that. From posters with kittens to flowy quotes at Hobby Lobby, it’s easy to get all in the feels because that’s what motivation does. It’s an emotional response. Motivation quickly brings the nostalgia of when you fit in that cute dress and the high of what your bikini body could look like if you started working out.

On the other hand, discipline is cold. It doesn’t care about your feelings as much as it cares about executing the task at hand. Everything is calculated and routine. In fitness, discipline pushes you to complete the last rep and get off the floor when your arms feel detached from your body.

Why You Need Both To Succeed

Motivation and discipline couldn’t be more different, which is why you need both to truly succeed. Without motivation, you’ll struggle to find the “why” that gets you started. Without discipline, you’ll struggle to form habits that keep you going when motivation fades.

This couldn’t be more true for at-home workouts. As I said, you are surrounded by distractions and creature comforts. Most people default to working out in the living room for space reasons or access to a TV for guided workouts. When you roll out your mat, the couch is staring you down. The kitchen is nearby, and the bedroom isn’t too far away.

Think of it this way. Motivation sets your alarm for that 5 a.m. workout. Discipline gets you out of bed.

If you are motivated enough to workout, at-home workouts are a great way to beat the excuses of no time or money for a gym. If you have discipline, you’ll be able to stick with the routine, and the results will follow. In fact, there are even more tricks to make the most out of a home workout.

Incredible Results Are Possible

If you’ve ever been underwhelmed and unimpressed by working out at home, chances are you were doing it wrong. That’s harsh, I know, but I’ve personally witnessed people getting in the best shape of their lives without stepping in a gym once.

They didn’t buy a couple of dumbells at Target and pick random Pinterest graphics to get the results they were after. They also didn’t purchase a Total Gym at 3 a.m. on QVC (sorry Chuck) because we all know that thing would end up forgotten under the bed in about 34 days – just after the money-back guarantee expired.

Here’s What It Takes

So how do you get in a workout with killer calorie burn all by yourself? And how do you keep it up to get the results you’re after? I’ll tell you exactly what it takes.


Find a distraction-free time that you can turn into a schedule and commit yourself. You have to establish a routine that you can build on. This starts with a solid plan. The plan should make sense for your goals, and last long enough to get you into a groove.

Track Progress

Take a moment to check yourself and see how far you’ve come. Are the workouts getting easier? Is your confidence building? Don’t forget about non-scale victories either. If you’re making progress but not there yet, keep going and trust the process.


Just because you’re working out at home doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Find an accountability group with friends or online and share your highs and lows. If you’ve never experienced the power that comes from other people cheering you on, you’re missing out.

Reward Yourself

Set milestones and reward yourself for progress. I’m all about 80/20, so don’t hate yourself for having a special dinner out at your favorite restaurant. Or don’t even think about food and “cheat meals” but reward yourself with something else like a cute workout top or manicure.

Convenience Gives You An Edge

Your fitness journey can get littered with all kinds of excuses. Working out and home can eliminate some excuses but has its own set of risks if you do it wrong. I say capitalize on the convenience to get the edge you need.

McClure Fitness Online takes the magic of our group exercise classes and makes them available to you anytime, anywhere. If you’ve seen or heard about the results people are getting with our workouts, it doesn’t change just because you can’t make the gym. I’ve given you everything I can for you to succeed: a routine, a way to track progress, and even a community. All you need to bring is the motivation and discipline, and we’ll handle the rest.