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Shape Up For Summer

Here’s some background info on me: I have three kids under the age of two. Therefore, the only place I really “shop” is Target. Can any other Mommas sympathize with me? I would love to spend several hours leisurely shop-hopping from boutique to boutique, but that isn’t happening for me.

Ever since February, when the swimsuits were put out at Target, I have rushed past them. They are at the very front of the store—very front. Why do they do that to me? It’s almost cruel. An in-your-face reminder that yes, I ate too much all winter and yes, I am hiding a decent layer of fat under my Piko.

I know summer is coming and I know it’s inevitable that I will have to get into a swimsuit, in front of people. I’ve been pregnant for the last three years and therefore am very self-conscious about exposing my body to the world. My skin has been stretched in all sorts of directions with the 110 pounds I’ve gained and lost through two different pregnancies (one was twins, so I got EXTRA LARGE).

So, to get my mind and body prepped for summer and the shortage of clothing that ensues such as tanks, shorts, and swimsuits, these are my go-to tips to slim down a little, look less bloated and tone up your flab.


Drink four, 16oz bottles of water a day. Water cleanses your digestive tract, increases your metabolism, facilitates carbohydrate breakdown and makes your face look younger (seriously).

Cut out salt.

It’s a horrible thought, I know. 80% of our sodium intake is from restaurants and processed food. Avoid the Mexican restaurant at all costs. I personally know someone that lost 50+ pounds over a year by simply cutting out salt.

Follow the 80/20 rule.

Eat right 80% of the time and eat poorly 20% of the time. Normally I eat really healthy and then plan to eat unhealthy if I’m going out with friends. That only happens maybe once a week (remember the three kids), so that works for me. Figure out what the 80/20 rule looks like for you. Plan ahead. That’s the most important key to eating right.

Sprint. Walk. Sprint. Walk. Repeat.

Get your heart rate HIGH. Whether you’re on the treadmill or in your neighborhood. 20 seconds: run so hard that you are VERY uncomfortable. 20 seconds: walk and breathe deeply, recover. Keep this up for five minutes. These types of intervals burn some crazy belly fat. Walking won’t cut it. Get moving. Faster than normal.

Strength train.

Pick up some hand weights. Complete sets of push-ups, squats, and ab exercises. As you gain muscle, your body begins to burn calories more efficiently. The more toned your muscles, the easier it is to control your weight.

Following are four quick exercises you can do just about anywhere. These will help tighten and tone those problem areas we’re all targeting for swimsuit season.

These are all little things that will add up to make a big difference. Keep it up for 4 weeks and you’ll start to notice your clothes fitting better (swimsuits included)! Push for 8 weeks those close to you will start to comment. Once you make it to 12 weeks of eating right and exercising, acquaintances and the rest of the world will take notice. Keep going!