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Why McClure Fitness Members Have A Competitive Edge

How many times have you come across a new fitness trend and thought to yourself, “This is what I’ve been looking for!” Out of the blue, you found the answers to everything you’ve convinced yourself is holding you back. What happens next?

The passion that’s been ignited gets you started. You’re on fire and crushing all of your goals. Nothing is holding you back, and you’re shocked that it’s so easy! I mean, where has this been all of your life?

And then you woke up (because it never happens that way).

In all seriousness, I see this happen time and time again. There are literally thousands of gadgets, diets, exercise plans, and “hacks” out there promising a shortcut to your goals without everything we all hate about fitness (like hard work and discipline).

Since I live in the world of fitness and exercise it’s probably more apparent to me, but it can be painful to watch someone chasing fads only to end up right back where they started (or worse). The toughest part about it is that I know it’s not your fault. Deep down, we all want to be fit and healthy.

When we hear about a killer new way to achieve our ideal self, it gets our attention. It promises all the right things like being easier, quicker, and better. The problem comes when you look closely at what the most successful people are doing, it boils down to the same thing: eat healthy and exercise often.

Of course, it’s never that easy. Life happens. You have a bad day (or week), and it throws you off. What do we always say? “I’ll start tomorrow.”

That’s what worries me the most. Tomorrow is a dangerous mindset to be in. On the one hand, you can be excited about tomorrow (like on Christmas Eve). On the other hand, tomorrow can be your forever excuse, and you will never get started. That’s the tomorrow I worry about for you – the tomorrow that never comes.

You have so many options when it comes to getting fit, but without community, you will always be vulnerable to failure.

Here are three ways you can create a community around your fitness routine and gain a competitive edge.

Fit With Friends

No doubt you’ve heard the truth that a workout partner raises your chances of success significantly. This is one of the most common tips you’ll find and for a good reason. A workout buddy handles several success-killers:

You need accountability – When you plan a workout routine with someone else, you just gave yourself a responsibility. It’s much harder to skip out when somebody is waiting for you. The thought of disappointing them motivates you to get to the gym on time, every time.

You need competition – Even the most non-aggressive person can benefit from some friendly competition. When your buddy is there with you, it creates the extra drive to push a little harder. Feeding off of that can be the difference between giving up early and finishing strong.

You need a distraction – The reason so many people gravitate to a treadmill is that they are always (always) set up with a distraction. Whether it’s 15 televisions or a window view, you have something to distract you from the painfully dull workout you’re doing. A partner can distract your brain from focusing on how hard the exercise is but still allow you to work hard.

What do you do when you don’t have any friends on hand to get to the gym? Maybe your schedules don’t line up, you have different exercise goals, or they haven’t had that gut-punch wake-up call that you have to make a change. You need a place where the community is built in.

Sweat With Us

A group fitness class fills the void when it comes to accountability on so many levels. Why else would you show up to a 5:30 a.m. workout? Who is such a glutton for punishment that they reach the point of failure, then push through 5 more burpees?

You’re probably familiar with the concept that we are a product of those whom we hang around. It’s something that I see translate to group exercise time and time again. The results you can achieve when everyone is working their hardest together is inspiring. The pack motivation is real.

Imagine what’s possible when you 10x the benefits of a workout buddy! You’ve got an entire group of people feeding the motivation, accountability, and competitive nature you need to level up your workouts. It gives strength in numbers a whole new meaning.

In a group environment, you’ll make fast friends and see familiar faces at your favorite classes.

The Achilles heel of group classes is timing. Classes have to be scheduled, and no matter how many are available all week long, you still have to carve out time to get to the class you want. Basically, you can’t work out with 15+ friends whenever it’s convenient for you all of the time.

Or can you?

Sweat Anywhere, Anytime

The internet has influenced every aspect of our lives, and fitness is no exception. A quick Google search or scroll through Pinterest and Instagram will reveal limitless options when it comes to finding an exercise plan or healthy food recipes. It’s easier than ever to get direction, but that can present its own set of problems.

With so many options, choice overload kicks in, and you end up not starting at all. Which plan is right for you? Do you have the proper form? Are their modifications? Can you really stick to it?

That doesn’t even address the whole point I’ve been driving home this entire time – where’s the community?

You can actually take advantage of the group effect online. There are accountability groups you can join (Facebook groups are a favorite spot). Here you can share wins and progress to get encouragement from others. There are also online challenges that take the accountability up a notch with a limited time frame to get the maximum results.

There are even online classes you can take right at home. That’s right, you can workout in the group environment no matter where you are. You’ll see others sweating it out, taking breaks, and pushing themselves. As long as you stay in the group mindset, you’ll reap the same rewards as if you were in the gym alongside the group!

The McClure Fitness Effect

I truly believe community is the secret sauce to staying fit. Isolation is the death of motivation. At McClure Fitness, everything we do has community woven into it.

We only do group classes; it’s not a bonus or add-on at our gym. Our Benton location has over 60 classes each week to give you as many chances as possible to make a workout. We cater to all fitness levels with a variety of classes so literally anyone can get started right where they’re at on their journey.

To eliminate the timing excuse, McClure Fitness Online captures our group classes and organizes the videos into programs. The programs are designed for different goals and intentionally crafted to get you results. Whether you’re just getting back into fitness or looking to level up your goals, we’ve got you covered. Everything that makes group fitness successful – direction, motivation, and accountability – is here at the timing that works for you.

McClure Fitness Online also has a healthy recipe library of over 200 delicious meals that are my go-to options. You can even plan out your meals for the week to make sure you stay on track. I can’t tell you how many times having my meals planned has saved me from a bad food choice.

We also have a growing tribe of McClure Fitness members online where you can connect with others, celebrate wins, and get encouragement when you’re struggling. We keep it real whether it’s cheering you on or giving tough love (we all need to hear the truth sometimes).

Get Your Edge

No matter where you’re at, find a community you can thrive in. You can get a competitive edge with McClure Fitness. Any fitness level, anywhere in the world – we’ve got you covered. I’ve made it my mission to help you take back your body. Whether you’re working hard with us in Benton or online, I want you to have everything possible to help you succeed.