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Work Out-doors

Many Americans are stuck indoors at a work desk and remain indoors after work in front of the television. This sedentary lifestyle leads many to exhibit a significant deficiency in Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps build strong bones, regulate the immune system and determine a variety of elements to the life cycle of human cells.

So how do you get more Vitamin D? It’s found in fish, fortified cereal, milk, eggs, cheese, butter and yogurt. But it’s known as the “Sunshine Vitamin”. The best way to get your Vitamin D is to take yourself outside. Literally spend time in the sun (use SPF). Break up with your indoor routine! As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, there is no good excuse to not get outdoors.

Outdoor Workouts

Go running! Download the “Couch to 5K” app if you’re a beginner. It’ll slowly help you build up your endurance. Wind makes you burn more calories while you run, no matter its direction. A strong headwind acts as a form of resistance – you burn more because you’re pushing against it. A tailwind helps you run faster, which in turn makes you burn more calories also.

Explore the Arkansas State Parks. Climbing Pinnacle Mountain is an incredible workout. Lake Catherine State Park has amazing trails and a beautiful waterfall to explore.

Taking your workout outdoors can also become an opportunity to include your family. Grab the stroller and do a lap as a family at Mills or Tyndall Park. Then do walking lunges while your kids enjoy the playground. Repeat the lap and the lunges. Your kids can probably handle one lap at a time. This would be quite the workout, trust me!

Biking gives a freeing feeling like no other form of exercise. The longest paved loop at Mills Park is 1.4 miles. If you’re a beginner, do one lap, then add another lap each time you return. Before you know it, you’ll be up to 10+ miles!

In the summer, you can get an amazing workout at the lake or pool by simply treading water. You’re supposed to keep your hands above the water when you tread. To make it more difficult you can hold something over your head while you tread. Start with 30 seconds and take a break for 30 seconds. Repeat as many times as you can!

Being outdoors can be a relaxing experience, and therapeutic for your soul. Turn your phone off and connect with the natural world. Use the relative calm as an opportunity to give your mind a break from your to-do list.

Park Bootcamp

All you have to do is find a park bench and you’re set! This will get your heart rate up and break those muscles down.  Start with a light jog around a playground five times, and then follow the workout below.

  • Step up and down on a bench.
    • 20 reps with right leg leading
    • 20 with left leg leading
  • 20 walking lunges
  • 2 fast laps around the playground
  • Hold a plank for 45 seconds (Feet on bench to increase difficulty)
  • 20 bench jumps
  • 20 push ups using bench –
    hands on bench to modify.
    (Feet on bench to increase difficulty)
  • 2 fast laps around playground
  • Hold plank for 45 Seconds
  • Repeat if you can!
    Stretch when done.